TAIL TIDY TUTORIAL | for the pulled look, without the pain

TAIL TIDY TUTORIAL | for the pulled look, without the pain

💈✂️Pulled Tails✂️💈

People seems to either love them, or hate them.
Pulled tails are more popular in certain sports than others – most often seen in the Eventing and Showing disciplines, Dressage and Showjumping tend to go for natural or a minimal tidy, and also more popular in certain countries (I believe the UK and Australia, whereas in Europe and America it’s uncommon).

There are some pros and cons to pulling a tail –
You don’t need to plait for showing.
It can enhance the shape of the horse’s bum.
If your horse has an incredibly thick tail it can thin it out.
If your horse suffers for sweat itch it makes it easier to administer any ointments.

Cons –
It takes ages to grow out – think carefully if you really want a pulled tail.
You need to maintain it every few weeks to keep it neat.
If your horse’s tail is already thin, it’s probably not a good idea to pull it.

There are different methods to get the pulled look, I find the best are using rakes or traditional hand pulling. Some people use clippers down the sides, but it’s very easy to make a mistake and I’m not a fan of the shaved sides.

💭What do you do with your horse’s tail? Pull it? Plait it? Leave it au natural? 💭

Products used –

Smart Tails Rake, fine grade


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